CPS121 Example

An Example that Illustrates a Lot of html

The body can include headings

This is a paragraph of text. It consists of several lines, which the browser is free to reformat to fit the width of the browser window. So this will be displayed as fewer lines.

We can also include an image. Here is a picture of Boris Buffalo.
Picture of Boris Buffalo

We can also include links to other pages.
The CPS121 Syllabus.
Likewise, we can link to specific locations on a page.
Go to bottom of page

Unordered and ordered lists follow

  • This is the first item in an unordered list
  • This is the second item
  • And this is the third
  1. This is the first item in an ordered list
  2. This is the second item. Note how an item can include a sublist.
    1. This is the first item in the sublist
    2. This is the second item in the sublist
  3. And this is the third item in the main list

And now we show a table. The first row is the headings; the remaining rows are data.

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
Column 1 data Column 2 Column 3 data
Column 1 data – no column 2 data Column 3 data
A column
can extend
over multiple
Column 2 data Column 3 data

It is also possible to control how text is displayed – e.g. bold or italic.
The semantic tags strong and emphasis can also be used for this.
One can make text smaller or can use
superscript or subscript or code formatting
or preformatting.

In preformatted text,
   the browser just
   reproduces exactly what it is

More precise control over fonts can be had by setting the style of an element such as a paragraph. This paragraph is rendered in Playbill 48 pixel cyan.